Light Guides

Our light guides transmit light over short and long distances and if required, they can transform and realign the light to the form you specify. Here we differentiate between standard light guides and special light guides for particular requirements.

Light Sources

For these products, we rely on the two tried-and-tested cold light source types, halogen and LED.

Flexible Endoscopes

FiberOptic flexible endoscopes are designed to examine and monitor mechanical components and devices, e.g. turbines, cast parts, box girders and delicate machine parts, as well as to detect early signs of damage to them. Flexible endoscopes are also used for inspections in nuclear power stations, e.g. routine examinations of heat exchanger tubes.


FiberOptic offers accessories that are tailored to and supplement the functions of its extensive range of endoscopes and light sources.

Rigid Endoscopes

FiberOptic rigid endoscopes are suitable for the visual examination of cavities and inaccessible environments, e.g. inside engines or turbines. These rigid endoscopes can be manufactured in a range of lengths and optical specifications. Thanks to the integrated illuminating fibres, dark cavities can also be inspected under optimum lighting conditions.