INNOVATEST is the world leader in design, manufacturing, delivery and service within the quality areas of hardness measurement, systems, software and accessories. The products are used to evaluate the hardness characteristics of all types of steel, metals, alloys and plastics.As a private company founded in the 19th century (1890), INNOVATEST® has a rock solid position in the market. The company also distributes other material test instruments, optical measuring equipment and portable test instruments for surface analysis, wall thickness and vibration meters.Over the past 30 years, the owners have largely invested in various hardness meters, while at the same time retaining a focus on portable test instruments.


With a broad spectrum to suit all budgets, we offer both traditional and state-of-the-art test instruments. INNOVATEST® is the market leader in customer specific hardness measurement.We are committed to solving your test requirements and not just selling products:

  • Solution Driven
  • high quality standard
  • Traditional and state-of-the art technology
  • Solutions and technologies to suit your budget
  • Global sales Network
  • Global local service capability
  • Superior Guarantee commitment


A significant part of our revenue, combined with European and government resources, is continuously invested in the development of new technologies. Our R & D team is currently comprised of 15 leading engineers, ready for all challenges within product development. With our eyes focused steadily on the future, we are determined to promote and innovate our products, to be a continuous competent player, and to offer our customers reliable, functional technology and, if necessary, affordable service and support.

Trust, now and in the future

We have great faith in our products! We therefore offer a (limited) warranty of 2 years or longer on all our products. All instruments come with a quality and warranty certificate and service passport.Our modern workshops and professional technical staff offer service and support on demand, anytime and anywhere in the world.

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