Planoclean is specially designed for cleaning of surface plates and measuring tools, while the composition of the product means it has an extremely small environmental footprint. Something we found out from our daily contact with customers was that a cleaning system like Planoclean also had to be made easily accessible. If the product is available by the surface plate, it is easy to skip the cleaning of the reference surface. In this way, the measurement results are affected by errors that could be avoided.

By attaching a holder for both bottles and wipes as close to each flat plate as possible, the cleaning of the plate is made easier. Then before taking measurements, and in just a few minutes, a "zeroed" reference surface to start from can be achieved. The kit consists of three components, all aimed at facilitating the cleaning of the reference surface, Planoclean holders and tablecloths.


The holder comes with two practical self-adhesive hooks in stainless steel. With the hooks the holder is easily fastened, either to the end surface of the flat plate or close to the plate. The holder is sized to accommodate several bottles of Planoclean. The reason is that it makes it easier to handle the cleaning of the flat plates, since you do not have to go to a stock room or store if one of the bottles should run out during cleaning. The upper surface of the holder is intended for drying cloths.

Drying cloth

The properties of the cloths make them suitable for cleaning flat plates. In addition to good absorbency, they are also durable and leave no fluff on the plate.