As demands for higher precision increase, there are also more demands for production to be based on correct references and measurements.Measurement technology has the potential to prevent serious defects in production and thus reduce manufacturing costs. However, in order for measurement technology to be able to generate cost savings, it is vital to use correct references when conducting measurements. The reference often used, is the surface plate.The surface plate needs to be regularly calibrated. Equally important, however, is that impurities in the form of dirt and grease are kept off the plate. Otherwise impurities on the plate will interfere with all the results where the plate is used as a reference for measurements. In other words, there is a high requirement for the surface plate to be kept clean. That there was a need for a product like Planoclean was something that we at NYLI discovered in our daily work performing measurement services for our customers. Based on the wishes and opinions of our customers, as well as our experience in the field of measurement technology, we developed a product that ensures the cleanliness of the surface plate and therefore also the accuracy of the measurement results.In other words, Planoclean is specially formulated and intended for the cleaning of surface plates, while at the same time the composition of the product means that it has minimal environmental impact. Previously, there were no alternatives on the market that could live up to our high quality and environmental standards.

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