Bowers Group offers the manufacturing industry an unprecedented selection of high-quality precision measuring devices, both standard and custom, together with an accredited measurement service. Bowers Group has a dominant position in the field of measurement technology. Together with the group’s continued focus on cutting-edge technology, Bowers provides a complete measuring technology service.






Nyli manufactures its measuring instruments at HELIOS · PREISSER in Germany.

Within a short period of time, HELIOS PREISSER’s brand has become well established all over the world and the quality picture for manual measurement has been further improved.

Quality is our brand – a sign that is a perfect combination.

With a strategy where customer orientation, efficiency and uncomplicated support, throughout the entire process chain, provides benefits for you with fast delivery, high availability and our “Made in Germany” philosophy – as a partner, we want to give as standard, quality in all areas,and thus create value for you.






Kordt measuring equipment is developed and produced in their own factory in Eschweiler.
Kordt manufactures and develops its measuring equipment in a spirit of creative quality thinking.
All Kordt measuring instruments can be connected to computers and can be used in conjunction with
all common inductive and incremental sensors, equipment and dial indicators.