By complaint we mean a strong dissatisfaction with the handling of our services or products. General viewpoints and expressions of dissatisfaction are not considered as complaints.
If the customer wishes to make a complaint, we would like to ask customer to submit the complaint in written form or by e-mail, even if a complaint is first received by us by telephone or in direct contact with the company's employees.
The customer can send mail via e-mail: .

All complaints received by Nyli must be handled and responded to promptly and in a factual and correct manner.



Complaints responsible
The person who receives the complaint must forward the complaint to the CEO without delay and the CEO decides who will investigate the complaint. Complaints received about performed service/assignment shall not be handled by the personnel concerned, i.e. the person who performed the service.

Handling of complaint cases
The complaints investigator must ensure that all complaints are thoroughly investigated and that all possible conflicts of interest are identified and limited. Investigator is responsible for ensuring that the person who made the complaint receives feedback within 48 hours after receiving the complaint.
The customer must be given a written response that at least contains information that the complaint has been received, is being processed and assurance that the customer will receive a written statement from Nyli as soon as the complaint has been fully handled


Nyli must ensure that the results of the internal investigation are saved in writing, dated and stored by the person responsible for conducting the interview/investigation. The entire chain of correspondence related to the specific complaint (acknowledgment of receipt of the complaint, internal evaluations, etc.
as well as the final response to the customer and all associated correspondence) is documented and retained for as long as necessary taking into account the nature of the case and the employees, the company´s and the customer's requirements for documentation.

Action after investigation
After investigation, the complaint investigator informs customer in writing about measures taken in connection with complaint. In the event that the complaint investigator judges that the complaint is unfounded, the customer is always informed of the reasons for the decision.
If the person who made the complaint is not satisfied with the answer they received or measures taken by the person in charge of the complaint, this person can contact CEO for further discussion.