What made you ask for a course in Technical Cleanliness and Washing Technology

Some statements from participants (course on November 7th in Uddevalla and in Kalmar on 4-5dec 2019)

  • ”Interested in getting a basic understanding of purity”
  • ”To increase knowledge and knowledge for future projects and challenges”
  • ”We work intensively with purity requirements from our customers”
  • ”New demands from customers”
  • ”New customer requirements”
  • ”New requirements within the company, want more knowledge in the subject”
  • ”New product with purity requirements”
  • ”Due that we have received demands from customers for purity”
  • ”To gain a greater understanding of purity. What that means in practice.”
  • ”Great interest in process improvements”
  • ”Gain more knowledge about technical purity”
  • ”Increase knowledge of technical purity”
  • ”Wants to be able to ensure quality of purity from our suppliers”
  • ”We are faced with setting purity requirements in our process”
  • ”Thorough training for cleanliness and contamination control is needed”
  • ”Need for introduction to the topic”

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