As an IATF certified supplier and manufacturer of premium vehicle components, AC Floby have great expectations to consistently provide products that meets customer and regulatory requirements – and NYLI plays an important role.

Meeting the customer’s expectations is vital for AC Floby. Our parts are manufactured with high precision and are optimized for large production-flows with tough tolerances. The customers have high expectations when it comes to safety and quality, and this leads to increased demands to comply with the requirements of technical cleanliness.

Compliance of the cleanliness demands leads to several benefits, such as longer lifespan, fewer functional disruptions and a higher reliability. This makes us competitive and responsive to new inquiries and challenges.

AC Floby’s challenge is to implement support in our systems. We need to find methods to obtain clean products and processes. This is why we chose NYLI as a supplier, because they are certified and have a good overall solution with broad expertise.

NYLI has proven it for us, that investing in a cleanliness philosophy is profitable. This profitability will be reflected in better goodwill, lower warranty costs, greatly reduced maintenance costs, higher performance and of course, better quality.

AC Floby

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