The name SITA comes from the Greek words Sigma (Ó) and Theta (Θ) – The symbols for surface tension and temperature.

The company was created in 1996 by engineers from the University of Dresden, Germany.

SITA has since been the world leader in the development and manufacturing of mobile bubble pressure tensiometers, fluorometers and other process tools associated with industrial washing and organic purity.







SITA Conspector Measurement of organic purity in washing baths/liquids

  • Monitoring of the content of oil and fats in washing and rinsing baths
  • Process related control of the maintenance of industrial washes
  • Economic efficiency by optimising the life of the wash bath
  • Mobile measuring equipment or fully integrated/automatic inline solution







SITA Dynotester Measurement of washing bath concentration

  • Monitoring of the concentration of detergents by measuring the surface tension
  • Measures the effective/free content of detergents in the bath, not the used/total
  • Optimising the dosage of detergents after consumption
  • Mobile metering equipment or fully integrated/automatic inline solution







SITA CleanoSpector Analysis of coatings with fluorescence

Fluorescence makes it possible to analyse and evaluate the surface cleanliness of a component directly in the process. The technology detects and measures organic pollutants on surfaces of metal, ceramics and glass.

The non-contact measurement is based on a characteristic of materials such as oils, fats or coolants, namely that they fluoresce when excited with UV light.The intensity of the fluorescence depends on the amount of contaminants on the surface irrespective of the surface profile.

The purity is critical, especially when it comes to parts that will be used for sensitive processes such as surface treatment, welding, gluing or hardening.