Our services must be able to meet the different needs of our clients. Everything from advice and basic training in technical purity, to qualified requirements interpretation and particle analysis.Our ambition is to offer "needs adapted competence development and investment pace, through collaboration and partnership".

Our specialists have extensive knowledge and experience of both international standards in technical purity (e.g. ISO 4406, ISO 16232 and VDA 19) and company-related standards (e.g. Volvo STD 107-0002 and Scania 4189). By signing a support agreement with us, you have continuous access to free advice and discounted rates on our services!

Laboratory and analytical Services

Purity measurement of components
Purity measurement of oils and fluids
Particle count and analysis
Gravimetric measurement

Training Courses

Basic training in 'technical purity'
Standards and requirements interpretation
Extraction and particle analysis

Method Validation

Extraction method
Analysis and reporting requirements


Needs analysis
Interpretation of standards and requirements
Process investigation and analysis
Investigating and setting internal standards and requirements