To meet the different needs and requirements of clients, we have developed our own products and system solutions that provide a high degree of flexibility and adaptability. The process for measuring technical cleanliness is done in two steps. Step 1 PARTICLE EXTRACTION and step 2 PARTICLE ANALYSIS.The most common method of extraction is to use an EXTRACTION CABINET that has an environment and technical design that ensures that the extraction process (flushing) can be performed according to the specified standard. Our extraction cabinet is available in two standard variants, with the possibility of adaptation to customer specific needs.
Extraction cabinet
The extraction cabinet (FLUSHING CABINET) is available in standard version the CCB. G4 ,  cabinets are ergonomically designed with a height adjustable top for adjustment to the operator. CCB. G4 is a standard cabinet with a PLC-unit and monitor for controlling parameters such as flush volume, and pressure etc. Special request for an cabinet that is manufactured according to customer requirements can be offered, in terms of items customised to perform the flushing of specific parts. Otherwise, it is equipped as a standard cabinet. The cabinet is suitable for both alkaline liquid and solvent when flushing surfaces.
CCB. G4 advantages
  • Time savings:              with blanks; with extraction
  • Ergonomics benefits: adjustments in height; availability in sink space
  • Cascade filter fixture: casettes for filter D47 and D90
  • Key functions
  • User-friendly touchscreen
  • Menu selection, bar or lpm
  • Controlled flushing pressure
  • Preselection liquid volume with automatic shutdown
  • Reminder before service interval (is set according to degree of utilization).
  • Suitable for solvents or water liquid
  • Analysis System ParticleView
    Our analysis system is made up of high-quality hardware components in combination with the proprietary analysis tool ParticleView. The analytical system enables ocular counting and the sizing of particles.The Particle View analysis tool is constantly upgraded to meet current standards and customer-specific needs and requirements.