What is Technical Cleanliness

Particulate pollutants (in different forms) on components, liquids and in systems.

What is included in Technical Cleanliness

Particle contaminations:
Can be “measured” via equalizer, particle count, weight etc. Can consist of anything from metallic to organic pullotants.

Filmic contaminations:
Can be measured via liqueurs, spray tests, test pens / varnishes, flourescene measurement, etc. usually consists of organic pullotants.

Hard to place and difficult to measure traditional cleanliness methods.


Measures to improve cleanliness

Comprehensive measures

● Invest in laundry equipment
● Invest in the lab. and analysis equipment
● Change design of process and production line

Minor measures

● Educate staff
● Optimize process planning / storage as well as transport distances
● Optimize choice of materials and packing
● Common sense, keep clean around

Flushing Cabinet (Extraction Cabinet) CC G4


✔️  Standard cabinet (customizable) with ergonomic design and height-adjustable top for operator adjustment.
✔️  Integrated cabinet and sink for optimal extraction.
✔️  Includes a standard cascade filter with compartments for D47 and D90 filters for efficient extraction and rational handling.
✔️  Standard cabinet with PLC unit and display for controlling parameters such as flushing volume, pressure in Bar or LPM, etc.
✔️  Suitable for both alkaline and solvent-based liquids for surface cleaning.

Customization can be done according to customer requirements for specific part cleaning.

Benefits of CC G4:

✔️  Time savings: for blank testing and extraction
✔️  Cascade filter: cassettes for D47 and D90 filters
✔️  Ergonomic advantages: height-adjustable cabinet and optimal accessibility in the sink area. Can be adjusted for left- or right-handed users
✔️  Features: User-friendly touchscreen, Menu selection bar or lpm, Controlled flushing pressure,        Preset liquid quantity with automatic shut-off, Reminder before service interval (set according to usage)

Suitable for solvent or water-based liquids.

ParticleView Analysis System

Our analysis system is built using high-quality hardware components in combination with our proprietary analysis tool, ParticleView.The analysis system enables visual counting and sizing of particles.

The ParticleView analysis tool is constantly being upgraded to meet current standards and customer-specific needs and requirements.