What is Technical Cleanliness

Particulate pollutants (in different forms) on components, liquids and in systems.

What is included in Technical Cleanliness

Particle contaminations:
Can be “measured” via equalizer, particle count, weight etc. Can consist of anything from metallic to organic pullotants.

Filmic contaminations:
Can be measured via liqueurs, spray tests, test pens / varnishes, flourescene measurement, etc. usually consists of organic pullotants.

Hard to place and difficult to measure traditional cleanliness methods.


Measures to improve cleanliness

Comprehensive measures

● Invest in laundry equipment
● Invest in the lab. and analysis equipment
● Change design of process and production line

Minor measures

● Educate staff
● Optimize process planning / storage as well as transport distances
● Optimize choice of materials and packing
● Common sense, keep clean around