Calibration of Handtools

Since 2001, we have held accreditation for the quantity length, after which we have now revoked our accreditation to SWEDAC over calibration in 2020, we now offer the same scope over accredited calibration via our partners according to ISO EN17025.
Traceability and calibration are covered by our collaborative partners and their laboratory policy that all measured values should be traceable to national or international norms.
All subcontractors of our calibration services purchased are from an accredited laboratory or national measurement site.

We can offer our customers traceable calibration and accredited calibration through partners in the following quantities, electricity, geometry/length, force/torque, pressure, mass/weight, temp, moisture.

NYLI LAB – Cleanliness measurement

Our laboratory consists in addition to a special warehouse and storage room, of two separate rooms with overpressure where the air is cleaned in one room in two steps and in the other even with a third step where a HEPA filter extracts the smallest particles. The premises are equipped with several extraction cabinets to remove particles from surfaces, interior and exterior together with our analysis system with ParticleView software for analysis of filters from 25-90 mm. Other equipment available include scales and ovens etc to meet our customers’ needs.

We carry out continuous measurements in our own laboratory for our customers. In addition to cleanliness measurement for auditing and certification we offer:
● Situation analysis, with report for assessment of measures
● Method approach in relation to requirements
● On-site consultancy

Requirements Standard
Our software meets set requirements and meets ISO requirements according to the standard that may be set for a purity measurement.We have a long experience of customerspecific standards from both the light and heavy vehicle industry in Sweden and in Germany. We have a continuous follow-up and are involved in the ongoing process regarding standards within cleanliness measurement and analysis.

Supplier Measurement Services

If you need help with the measurement of parts,
the equipment we have is:

● Measuring machines for a measuring range with a length of up to 1.5 m
● Portable measuring arms for a measuring range of up to 3m
● Vertical scanner for shafts up to L300mm
● Scanning with reverse-engineering equipment and CAD-comparison
● Laser measuring equipment for manual as well as integrated measuring arms
● Vision measurement with camera in measuring machine together with contact sensing
● Inspection equipment for internal inspection
● Particle measurement on surfaces, particulate matter from processing
● Liquid testing, for control of wash baths
● Laser measurement of surfaces for the detection of oil film, impurities etc.

Measurement Services customer location

We perform a traceable measurement service as well as calibration to national or international standards when requested by a customer.

Calibration of:
● flat panels
● measuring machines
● length measuring benches
● clock testers
● parts and products

Equipment we use:
● laser Interferometer
● electronic optical equipment
● gauge blocks
● measuring arm
● laser
● Scanning equipment