Quality Policy

We shall jointly strive for satisfied customers and the quality of our products and services shall be a significant contributing factor in the customer choosing NYLI as supplier. Our quality is characterized by user-friendly and reliable products and services, as well as high quality customer service and efficient procedures. In our quality work, we take responsibility for the entire value chain in the design, production, service and sales of our products and services.

To achieve this, we …
• Respond to our customers in a positive and efficient way.
• Ensure us about the customer’s needs through a well-executed contract review.
• Do right from the start.
• Have the management’s commitment.
• Work on continuous improvements.
• Have clear objectives.
• Make fact-based decisions.
• Commit to meeting the applicable requirements.
• Commit ourselves to constantly improving the quality management system.


Quality Goals


Based on control programs, environmental aspects and requirements that current legislation places on NYLI, our goals should be formulated. The overall environmental goals that management sets out must be clear.

The detailed goals that the management sets out are clear and measurable if possible. Where appropriate in the objectives, we take into account the possibilities of preventive measures. When deciding on technical possibilities, we always consider the use of the best available technology, taking into account financial reasonableness, cost-effectiveness and what we consider appropriate.
We also take into account legal requirements and other requirements, significant environmental aspects and stakeholder opinions. The goals chosen must be supplemented by an action plan that answers how you intend to achieve the goals with resources.

Overall Quality Goals

Our vision is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.
We will respond to customers promptly upon inquiries and we will meet their realistic requirements.
Comments that can lead to improvements are taken into account as soon as possible