NYLI– has been around in name since 1970 when the company NYLI Specialverktyg AB was founded in Gothenburg. Ten years later the business moved to Strömstad and products such as hard metal gauge blocks, thread gauges, and thread rings were manufactured. Nyli became a company known to many in the manufacturing industry in the Nordic countries for its high quality of products and services within measurement technology.

NYLI Metrology AB is certified according to ISO: 17025, 9001, and 14001.

In 2001 we were accredited for methods within the quantity of length, for scope see www.Swedac.se.

We also provide accredited calibration services in other quantities through partners.

Today we are established in Uddevalla on the west coast of Bohuslän with customers in the Nordic manufacturing industry. Together with our accredited laboratory for calibration and quality control, we offer a complete program of products, services, training and consultation in the field of measurement technology. Our motto is quality, competence and service, which we offer in the business areas; NYLI Lab, technical purity, measuring machines & hand measuring devices.

The presentation on this website is a small part of what NYLI can offer as a partner in the field of measurement technology. You, as our guest, are welcome to contact us for further information.

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